"Now is the time for personal contacts!"

The wonderful people behind the sales and PR agency Label Agent have been shaping the Seek portfolio for years. From 17 - 19 January, the Berliners will be on board with Mads Norgaard, Revolution, Topologie, Brixtol and Gaston Luga to name a few. We met the team in their showroom in Kreuzberg and asked them a few questions.

We are incredibly happy to call the Label Agent family loyal SEEKers for years. What is the best thing about SEEK?

We love that the Seek gives us the opportunity to meet all fashion people in one place. The personal exchange with the other brands, buyers and store owners is very valuable. We are a big fashion family.

From a strategic point of view, why does it make sense for you and your brands to be present in Berlin (at Seek)?

As one of the few Berlin wholesale agencies, it is indispensable for us to support SEEK and Berlin as a fashion spot. We build new business contacts and represent our brands here. And our customers love to come to Berlin and have a good time. 

A large part of your portfolio consists of sustainably acting brands, which somehow makes you advocates of slow fashion, too. How does that go together with the goal of being economically successful in the long term? 
Our brands are built from the ground up in such a way that there are no economic losses because production, materials and working methods are sustainable. Most of them go much further. It is important to us that the brands also work consciously and sustainably within their company. Positive energy, environmentally friendly ways of working and long -term business relationships also manifest the slow fashion aspect.

How does sustainable consumption work?

Fewer pieces, better qualities, more mindfulness when it comes to brands and their philosophy.

What’s your wish for the fashion industry?

That small independent retailers and fashion houses are supported and promoted. People who stand behind their concepts and ideas and who do what they do with passion. And that it will be rewarded when you offer exceptional experiences to the customers. The digital fashion world can continue at the same time, but now is the time for personal contacts!

What are you most looking forward to in January?

Many visitors, beautiful collections, new brands, delicious drinks & food, good music, fun at work and new contacts.

Where do you relax after a busy day at SEEK?

In our showroom in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where we order pizza for everyone and drink a delicious (and huge) glass of Pfälzer wine. The day after the fair, we like to go on a little team trip to the Vabali-Spa.