PRESS RELEASE - Berlin, December 6th 2022

The Premium Group events will take place in Frankfurt am Main in the third week of January 2022, taking into account the 2G+ regulation (all participants have to be vaccinated, recovered and additionally daily tested).

On the basis of the current regulations of the federal government and the Hessian state government, which yesterday did not announce any further restrictions for vaccinated people, the fashion fairs PREMIUM and SEEK, the FASHIONTECH talks and the showcases of the new format THE GROUND will comply with the official health and hygiene regulations from 18th to January 20th, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main.

This decision is based on the representative feedback from many protagonists of the industry, expert opinions and a close observation of the situation as well as an assessment of all measures that can be taken in Europe to ensure a safe event.

‘The demand for an industry get-together for brands and retailers, community and partners is huge, despite the many uncertainties, and the feedback is mostly positive,’ says Jörg Arntz, Managing Director of the Premium Group. ‘Now it's about taking responsibility and taking the lead. We promise: Despite and precisely because of the challenging circumstances, our reunion will be a unique and successful kick-off for the new year.’

Based on model calculations, reference values ​​and discussions with experts from Germany and abroad, Anita Tillmann, Jörg Arntz and the Premium Group team are confident that the joint current efforts of the government and the health care system will have a quick and lasting influence on further containment of the virus will have. The measures will clearly take effect by the 3rd week of January and both the trade fairs and supporting events will be able to take place.

Ensuring health and safety is a top priority in the organization and implementation. A comprehensive hygiene protocol will enable a Covid-free business and networking platform on which exhibitors, buyers and the press can work in peace. On site, the team ensures that all guests are informed and supported responsibly from arrival to departure.

‘For weeks we have been talking intensively with all representatives of the industry about how we can remain fit for the future and act despite the pandemic situation and all the necessary precautionary measures.’ says Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the Premium Group. ‘The decision to hold our events under the given circumstances is not just a decision for our industry, but for each and every one of us. There is no right date for the perfect restart. The majority of our customers come from Europe and we assume that there will be no intra-European travel restrictions. It is always easier to rely on reasons not to do something than to go through all the efforts to make something happen. We can and must adjust to living and working with Corona and possible variants in the future. At this point in time, we are confident that the gathering of the fashion community will send a strong signal for the future of the industry - just as our colleagues in France, Italy and Denmark are doing.’

Four formats - one large exhibition hall

The main part of the concept adjustments is that the events PREMIUM, SEEK, THE GROUND and FASHIONTECH will take place for the first time and once on a total area of ​​approx.20,000 square meters in a spacious hall, which corresponds roughly to the entire area of ​​Station Berlin. The resulting simplified admission management serves the safety of everyone. In this way, visitors can quickly and comfortably experience all the inspiration and concentrated brand power at once.

'We have to come together to exchange ideas, to network, to collect inspiration and to gain a new overview of the market. For the retail trade, new brands that have not been visible in the last year and a half due to the suspension of our events are a decisive success factor and differentiating factor. It is important to open up the tunnel vision caused by the pandemic and let yourself be inspired by something new,' says Tillmann.

In addition to the security aspect, the merger of the two flagship events PREMIUM and SEEK in one large exhibition hall will bring new features, above all, in terms of content and atmosphere. Apart from an unprecedentedly strong brand portfolio, completely new synergies and energies will arise, which will make the meeting in January a unique momentum in the history of the industry.

'The circumstances weld together. We are very much looking forward to bringing together all PREMIUM and SEEK exhibitors in one location. We are thus creating a universe with two planets and many different worlds - colorful and exciting, ' says Maren Wiebus, Fashion and Creative Director of the Premium Group. 'Most of the industry is positive about the meeting in Frankfurt. Everyone wants to experience something completely new and actively shape the future together again! We offer the space for this - that is our strength.'

Numerous brands have already agreed and despite some postponements in the summer or smaller pop-up presentations, instead of large stands, the willingness to start again together and to want to send positive signals prevails! In addition to established players, many new brands also want to show their collections now. 

Brand preview SEEKAmendi, American Vintage, Ben Sherman, Blundstone, C.O.F. Studio, Crep Protect, Denham, Didriksons, Drykorn, Ebbets Field Flannels, Ecoalf, Edwin, Happy Socks, Heimat, Hestra, Hiltl, K-Swiss, Kangol, Keen, Le Specs, Lola, Lyle & Scott, Merz B Schwanen, Nicce, Nudie Jeans, Novesta, Palladium, Pantanetti, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Property Of, Pyrenex, Sandqvist, Saucony, Soeder, Stutterheim, Taion, Ucon Acrobatics, Unfair Athletics, Uniform Bridge, Veja, Welter Shelter, and many more.

Brand preview PREMIUMAbsolut Cashmere, After Label, Alberto Pants, AT.P.CO., Buffalo, Camouflage Couture, Copenhagen Studios, D.A.T.E.Sneakers, Desigual, Ecoalf1.0, Elias Rumelis, Fabienne Chapot, Floris van Bommel, Gabba, Herrlicher, Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek, Idano, Inuikii, Izipizi Paris, Jane Kønig, Kaze, Kennel&Schmenger Schuhmanufaktur, Liv Bergen, Marella, MbyM, Max Mara Leisure, Moma, Msch Copenhagen, Oakwood, Pantofola D'Oro1886, People of Shibuya, Peuterey, Roeckl, Royal Republiq, Seidensticker, Steve Madden, Vic Matié, Wool & Co, Womsh, Zéspa, and many more.


THE GROUND - new generation, new platform

THE GROUND will give an outlook on what can be expected in summer with an exclusive press and influencer event. The Fashion Festival ‘for a young and purpose driven generation’ is an innovative platform for brands to get in direct contact with Gen Z with interactive installations, campaigns and storytelling.

At the preview event in January, 15 curated brands and key partners will present their value-based projects and products. In keynotes and panel talks, THE GROUND is dedicated to the topics most relevant to GEN Z: diversity, inclusion & sustainability.


FASHIONTECH - innovation, inspiration, content

FASHIONTECH is the content platform for fashion, technology and lifestyle. This is where decision-makers, industry insiders, communication experts and innovative minds meet to exchange experiences, discuss potential and developments, generate new leads and promote exchange between the various industries. 

In addition to the core events, the Premium Group will also organize its popular evening events - due to the conditions, of course, to a slightly different extent than usual.

“With all the discipline, there has to be room for euphoria,” says Tillmann. “We will celebrate the fact that we can all finally be together again - in what framework, we decide at short notice! One thing is certain: We want to see each other again, network again, inspire each other and do business! All together! It is time for us to create the framework for this again. We are moving forward and are happy to have partners and friends by our side who will walk this path with us.”


This is what the partners say:

DRYKORN'We want to offer our customers an information platform in Frankfurt. Being in personal contact with its customers as a brand is extremely relevant for us.' Marco Götz, Managing Director

Herrlicher'We are ready. For you. With you.' Erwin O. Licher

Nudie Jeans'The long-awaited meeting in Frankfurt is the start of the "new" future and offers us the ideal platform to shape it successfully with our partners. An exchange on site is essential and absolutely irreplaceable. We are full of energy and look forward to finally meeting our customers again!’ Mesut Anliacik, Key Account Manager

Roeckl - 'We are very much looking forward to the reunion and the personal exchange in Frankfurt. After many months at a distance, we want to inspire our partners on site again and offer them a haptic and visual experience!' Klaus Wurmseder, Head of Sales, ROECKL

The Listener'The fact that SEEK is now coming to Frankfurt after this very difficult year for the industry is not only a new beginning for us, it is also a reunion.' Hakan Temür, Managing Director

K-SWISS - 'We are really excited to see the new place but especially the atmosphere of SEEK in Frankfurt! I've heard sustainability will be a big focus, excited to explore the fair and maybe discover new cool brands and projects!' Wanda BEGUELIN, Brand Marketing Manager EMEA

Happy Socks'We are happy to be part of the" new "SEEK family and to create a special platform of fashion together with other exhibitors and partners.' Max Niederreiter, Managing Director

SANDQVIST'I'm really just looking forward to being able to travel again and see customers and friends for the first time in a very long time and to share the SEEK experience again with everybody.' Patrik Ström, Area Sales Manager

Schnitzler fashion house - 'There are six of us coming to Frankfurt and we are very happy! We want to swarm out again, among people, exchange ideas, see new trends - everything that has been missing in the last few months! That's going to be great!' Andreas Weitkamp, ​​Owner

JOSH V'Team JOSH V aspires to inspire and wow the crowd at Premium Frankfurt. We would love to broaden our international network and brand visability.' Terry Ringers, Online Brand Marketeer

Jades - 'I find it extremely important to exchange ideas face-to-face with dealers and suppliers. A physical event is extremely important for brand research. In fact, what I'm most looking forward to is getting back in touch with suppliers. We have been visiting Premium for years and have been like a family together and always find great brands that complement our brand portfolio.' Huy Do, Buyer

43einhalb - 'I joined the industry’ fueled by a love for product and people. While pics and screens helped us to stay afloat during the pandemic, digital will never replace the feeling of sliding your fingers over premium toebox suede and hugging long lost friends.' Holger Carl, Supplier Management