SEEK (RE)PRESENTS: Amin Baghi + esistfreitag

The creative agency esistfreitag connects brands with people. Ultramodern, charming, down-to-earth, communicative. With the project 'Frankfurt du bist so wunderbar’ (Frankfurt you are so wonderful), esistfreitag offers a platform for shared urban experiences in Frankfurt. Topics are gastronomy, retail, people, the community. Very cool.


What do you think about SEEK coming to Frankfurt?
We are very happy about even more enrichment, even more creativity, even more exciting people, even more culture and style in the city!


Your favorite Frankfurt spot?
The Fahrgasse: its own little cosmos, in which you can find all facets of Frankfurt in one street - and of course our urban space.


What makes Frankfurt special for you?
As is so often the case, it is the mixture that makes it for us: the international, the colorful, the different people. You can feel the proverbial ‘big wide world', but feel at home. The look is metropolis, the feeling is village - Frankfurt offers a lot in a small space. And, of course, the people. Sounds like a platitude, but there are so many people in Frankfurt who create wonderful things every day and stick together - and who should know that better than us?