We are thrilled to launch a collaboration between, studioMM04, and SEEK this season. 

We have installed a collaborative version of The 360 Validation, a cutting-edge, easy and educative tool developed by and studioMM04, to validate the sustainability efforts of fashion brands.

Leveraging the combined expertise of, studioMM04, and SEEK, this tool provides exhibitors with a free, comprehensive, and insightful report on their sustainability status, along with actionable opportunities for future development.

The results and scores from The 360 Validation are instrumental for brands aspiring to join the Conscious Club, SEEK’s exclusive community of forward-thinking brands dedicated to transforming the fashion industry for the better.

This initiative underscores our shared commitment to fostering transparency and accountability within the fashion sector.

Join us at SEEK to discover more about this innovative development and its role in shaping a more sustainable future for fashion.

“There is lot of talk regarding sustainability, however really little facts and data. If you want to improve something, you should be able to measure it. That is the reason why 360 Validation is created. SEEK is the leading trade event with sustainability focus. It's an honor to work and launch the 360 Validation tool, together with them.” Matti Lamminsalo,

“We offer a detailed look at brands’ position in the sustainability landscape. This professional insight makes the sustainability data comparable between different types of brands with a wide selection of different products and production methods. Our 360 validation process also measures other areas that are not typically included in ESG reporting or CSRD frameworks, for example, brand inclusion and equity data and measurements and sizing data. Combined with traditional sustainability point of views IVALO.COM 360 brings an element of commercial sustainability to the table. It is created to help brands make sustainability a winning strategy and a profitable business through data.” Outi Pyy,