GG Vybe is the first female DJ crew in Frankfurt. These amazing women love making good music and we love them. Can’t wait to hang out together at SEEK!

What makes FFM special to you?

'There are currently around 350 different national backgrounds and environments in Frankfurt. This is a powerful resource for a city and a reproduction of many subcultures.The social space is rich in contrast. One street carries an international finance banker scene, a primary school, sex workers and a Drug-Rehab-Facility Center (“Druckraum”). These huge jumps in diversity, within a short space, have caused for Frankfurts Music scene to evolve throughout different genres. It has influenced Hip Hop culture, for example, making a huge impact nationwide till this day. Besides that in the 1990s, Frankfurt was a major spot for Techno music. Home to many famous clubs such as Dorian Gray, Omen, U60311, Robert Johnson and later on the Cocoon.'

Your secret FFM tips?

  1. Geechie Vibes (Afrobeat Party)
  2. C.C.BB  Party (mainly for femmes & Queers)
  3. East African restaurants serving Injera
  4. Sakhile&Me, a gallery focusing on Africa and her diasporas


Your all-time favorite fashion piece?

'Our all-time favorite fashion piece is the Alpha Industries flight jacket. It’s a classic must-have, this jacket has been making its own statement nationwide, representing Frankfurt’s Urban Culture in particular. Looking fly in a jacket that holds you warm enough while walking through the streets of our beloved City.'

Who would you bring to a SEEK party?

'As DJs and event organizers, it is important for us to create a space in the nightlife of Frankfurt for queer, BiPoC. We have the intention of making everyone feel safe and welcomed with open arms. However, stereotypical door policies need a reformation, building awareness structures and a No-Tolerance-Policy towards various forms of discrimination.'